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A parents worst nightmare – Ronald McDonald House

Every parents worst nightmare is to be told your child has a life threatening illness. How would you feel if you were told that your child had to travel away to undergo surgery. Who would travel with the child, where would you stay, how are you going to pay for it?

Sadie is this most adorable little girl with curly red hair. Every time I met her she had this shy but yet cheeky little smile on her face. I could tell that there was a character living inside this little girl. I had a styled shoot I wanted to do and my girls were getting quite tired of me dragging them out for photos all the time so I asked if I could borrow Sadie. I thought she would be perfect for this shoot. However a few days prior to her shoot her mum tells me that Sadie is not doing to well and within a matter of days they find out that their adorable four your old has a brain tumor.

Sadie is immediately airlifted to Bergen Hospital where she underwent 8 hours emergency surgery. The family were told that Sadie would require further surgery and with a tumor in a very difficult location they had to travel to USA where she was to undergo pioneering surgery at NYU Langone Hospital in New York.

During this very difficult time I can’t even begin to imagine what the parents must be going through.  When you are told your child has a life threatening illness you want to do everything in your power to help them. Sadie spent 6 weeks in New York with her parents during this time they stayed at Ronald McDonald House.

Ronald McDonald is a non profit organization that offer a “home from home” for families while their children undergoes cancer treatment. When you are caring for your child with a life threatening illness the last thing you need is the additional financial worry of whether you can afford to travel for your child’s treatment or worry about where you are going to sleep each night. Instead of worrying the family knew they had a place to stay and was able to travel to New York knowing that they could focus fully on Sadie, her surgery and her recovery.

Since the Surgery, Sadie has made a remarkable recovery and has been amazing throughout the past year. The family has since put a lot of effort into raising awareness of all the good work Ronald McDonald do for families in this difficult time in life, from sale of homemade jam, coffee mornings and the latest adventure is Sadie’s Dad Simon who is training for the New York Marathon. Simon is running in Support of Ronald McDonald House and I am hugely impressed with him and the family’s effort in giving back. It would be amazing if you can go to his fundraising page and show the family some support, every little help.

Please visit their fundraising page here – remember every little help 

Once Sadie had recovered and the family felt up for it, I invited Sadie and her big sister Lauren to my studio where we did a photo session. Sadie may appear shy when you first meet her, but then she turns into a fantastic character. My daughter was in the studio with us and together the two were dynamite, they just could not stop laughing and joking.

I am so delighted that this story has had a happy ending. I am also am happy that I have been able to witness the story, to see the turmoil and then the ray of sunshine that comes out at the end. It really do teach you to appreciate the little things in life.

Styled Photography session - GoldRibbonStyled Photography session - GoldRibbonStyled Photography session - GoldRibbonStyled Photography session - GoldRibbonStyled Photography session - GoldRibbonStyled Photography session - GoldRibbonStyled Photography session - GoldRibbon

Styled Photography session - GoldRibbon

Sadie and my daughter had a lot of fun together.

Styled Photography session - GoldRibbon

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  • Linda McGeeSeptember 15, 2016 - 9:57 am

    Gorgeous photos of gorgeous girls, captured them both to a tee!!! XReplyCancel

  • Edward evansSeptember 15, 2016 - 10:54 pm

    Really excellent photos of our two granddaughters thanks your post really more than excellentReplyCancel

Baby Brother – Newborn Photographer Stavanger

It was only a year ago I photographed a gorgeous family of five. The little brother was a mummy’s boy and did not like me looking at him let along speak or get to close to him. Fast forward and I receive an email to let me know they are expecting baby no 4 and yet again I had the pleasure to photograph this little baby boy’s mummy and you can view the session here.

A newborn session is certainly not a sprint, it is a marathon. It is common for a newborn photographer to spend 2-4 hours on the session. We need to allow for time for the baby to get into deep sleep and plenty of breaks for feeds. This family wanted family portraits and we arranged to have the photo session at their home to give the big brothers room to play and go about their every day activities whilst I photographed their baby brother.

At the beginning of the session whilst mum was feeding the new arrival I spent time playing with the youngest boys, I find it helps to get to know the little ones to get the most out of their photos, especially where I have previous experiences that they are not sure about me. The little baby boy made me work hard for these images. I got to enjoy the company of this family for a total of five hours, yes you heard right. After five hours we decided that it was time to call it a day, this little boy just did not get into a deep sleep for long. However tired and exhausted after our five hour Marathon mum told me that he had a really good sleep as soon as I left.

I absolutely adore being able to follow the growth of a family so it was truly my pleasure to capture these special memories.


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The Mountain Child – Children’s portraiture Stavanger

When people move to Norway, they soon discover that a lot of Norwegians have a holiday home whether it is in the mountain or by the sea. After years travelling around Scandinavia with a caravan, my parents also settled into the comfort of a cabin in the mountains. During the summer we can go for hikes or just enjoy the peace and tranquility, come autumn the mountain will be dressed in colours of orange, brown and red and then winter sets in covering the ground in white fluffy snow.

Our children loves our little trips to the mountain, but with a hectic gymnastics schedule we have to pick and choose the weekends we prioritise the cabin. The cabin was built in 1990’s and the first winter we got to enjoy it was 94. To start with there was no running water or electricity and it was approx 15 minute walk from the car to the cabin. 20 years on, we now have electricity, running water is located right outside the cabin and before the snow arrive we can park 50 metre away from the cabin.

Removing yourself from the busy every day life and your normal luxury is good on the soul, I love watching my children explore nature, play games together at night and just a simple thing as doing the dishes together. When we wake up in the morning and look out the window the lake was peaceful, not a sign of wind and with a layer of mist covering it. It is just like a scene from a moving and in a way it feels a little surreal. This time of year I always expect the colours of autumn but it was still green and the blueberry bushes was still covered in blueberries which my daughter enjoyed picking and eating.

However, I do have one confession to make. I pack the bags with care and there are always an item or two that are not really suitable for a weekend in the mountain but will look great in photos. My eldest daughter had a friend with her this time which meant that she was too busy to stop for second to feature in photos, however that meant little miss was with me and she transformed into my muse, the mountain child, the girl who got to spend quality time with her mum. It may look as if I made her change outfit several times, but reality is that I let her play and explore which also included getting wet while playing in the small lake located right outside the cabin. She was exploring the little animals living in and around the lake and her favourite was the dragonflies and the water striders.

I love how I can enjoy a weekend away and bring together my love for children’s portraiture and my love for kids clothing all in one place.

In these images my daughter is wearing a floral dress by Matilda Jane Clothing, Hat from Joyfolie, White outfit is by Edens Bouquet. I do love unique clothes so a lot of our clothing comes from shops outside Norway.

Mountain Child | By Evy Photographer | Stavanger Fotograf

Mountain Child | By Evy Photography | Stavanger Fotograf2015-09-24_00072015-09-24_0009



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Sweet baby girl | Stavanger Baby fotograf

I absolutely love my job, I love when people give me a call and ask me to photograph their newborn, baby, children or family. When a family arrives in my studio my first priority is for the child to feel comfortable in their surroundings, to them I am a stranger and at times it can be very scary when they meet a stranger.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing a 5.5 month baby girl. When this sweet little girl arrived in my studio she was lying snug in her pram and I noticed she seemed a big frightened. Automatically I pull back, give her space and allow her mum and dad to undress her and let her take in her new surroundings. I will gently speak to her and try and get her to feel more at ease in my company and within the next 15 minutes we had swapped watery scared eyes with big smiles. The moment when you watch a child warm up and allow their personality to shine through in photos are just amazing and it is one of the reasons I love my job.

I love the 5-8 month age, at this age they are starting to explore their surroundings more. They will look at you with wonder and tend to smile a lot. They are comfortable on their tummy and will look at you when you speak to them. They will show their emotions whether it is wonder, smile, laughter or tiredness. The little ones will touch and feels as they explore and I just adore the way they eat or their hands or touch their toes.

Looking at the images below I guess you will all agree that they are simply adorable at this age.

Sweet little girl | By Evy PhotographySweet little girl | By Evy PhotographySweet little girl | By Evy PhotographySweet little girl | By Evy Photography

Sweet Baby girl | Stavanger Baby Fotograf



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Another Milestone

The milestones start as soon as you get that blue line to confirm you are pregnant. You look forward to your 12-week scan, your 20-week scan, meeting the half waypoint, seeing the belly grow and feeling the little one move inside, as they are getting ready to meet you. The day your baby is born, a new set of milestones starts and we are observing as our baby learn to grab, follow you with their eyes, lifting their head, smiling, laughing, sitting, walking… The first 12-18 months of that baby’s life is just so busy and full of milestones. Slowly the milestones become further apart and in a way just part of our children’s life, what we expect from them.


This year however we had a big milestone, the baby in our family started school. Unlike her sister who started school at the age of five when we lived in Scotland, the Norwegian school system means that they don’t start school until they are 6. Instead of starting school like her friends in UK, the last year has been her pre-school year where she has spent the last year of fun at nursery. Come August she was ready to meet a new milestone and start a new chapter in life.


Over the summer, we have talked about starting school and Molly was adamant she wanted to wear a uniform on her first day of school. Molly was only 3.5 years old when we moved to Norway so I didn’t think she would remember much about the school uniforms her sister used to wear. Yet somehow, she had a strong association between uniform, or school clothes as she calls it and starting school. While visiting family in UK over the summer we made a point of buying the school uniform that she really wanted. She picked a pinafore and a skirt with all the matching accessories. Excited about her new clothes she tried them on as soon as she got to the rented cottage and I was lucky enough to be able to take some photos of her.


She is already several weeks into a life at school and she loves every minute of it. We hear stories from her day at school of making new friends, playing games, learning new letters and sounds. Every second Tuesday they have swimming and this was something she was really looking forward to and at the moment the math’s homework seem to be her favourite. The new structure to her life means that she is exhausted at the end of every day, but she is glowing.

By Evy Photography | Another MilestoneBy Evy Photography | Another Milestone

Stavanger Lifestyle photographer, capturing moments


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